The attractive 275 seat space on the corner of downtown San Jose’s little restaurant row, San Pedro Square, is unrecognizable as a former Sizzler. Walls are painted mustard yellow and slate blue in the spacious two story dining room. A massive wood bar takes up one wall and comfortable booths, upholstered in plush burgundy, line the windows looking out onto Santa Clara Avenue and San Pedro Street.
It’s a little bit of a signal that there’s a fight going on for those numbers, he said. Competitive again. After reaching the round of 16 at last year’s World Cup, the Americans took a step backward this year.
None of us can take credit for what he’s done, coaching wise, Seagle said. “I mean we gave him the opportunity, but I tell the college coaches that come in, ‘I didn’t teach him to have that great leverage. I didn’t teach him to come out of those hips with such a burst.’ He’s got some God given natural talent, and he’s got the right mindset.”.