He took a shutout into the eighth inning before Eric Young Jr. Inadvertently stepped on the back of the pitcher’s lower right leg while trying to beat out a grounder. The 38 year old right hander with 205 career wins was carted off the field in obvious pain and had X rays at Citi Field..
In this review, I will examine three aspects of what occurred following the basketballplayers, fans, and staff of Navarro College. The KC basketball players had left the floor and then several of the NC players exited the visiting team locker room and began coming out of the tunnel towards court side. These players were visibly angry, they had their jerseys off, and were heard making threats they were looking for a fight.The NC players were being restrained the first time they tried to come out by fans, otherplayers, and at least one NC coach.
Look no further than the NHL for proof. No team that has won the Stanley Cup has ever permanently altered its logo. The New York Islanders tried it by putting what looked like Captain Highliner with a hockey stick on their jerseys for a couple years before thankfully switching back to the orange island in blue. , ,