In case you haven’t already noticed, we’ve been at PAX East 2017, which is being held in Boston. HotHardware already brought you some hands on coverage of the hot new Nintendo Switch and the new Samsung Notebook Odyssey, but the folks from Maingear had some rather delightful PC gaming goodness on display in the form of the R1 Razer Edition Gaming PC. This particular boutique gaming desktop was painted with a custom automotive finish (in this case, the Lime Green that you’d find on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat) and there are plenty of other custom touches throughout, including the custom liquid..
The uniform trend has not gone unnoticed: rapper Drake wore a black and a white Oregon football jersey and two different pairs of Nike Ducks Air Jordan shoes while performing in Ridgefield, Washington. And as of the Sept. 22, 2014, issue, Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota has appeared three times in uniform on the cover of Sports Illustrated..
C G Fry has a history of building individual homes throughout the West Country since 1920 properties with immense character, built not just for today, but for future generations to enjoy. From the first, craftsmanship and quality have been the hallmarks of C G Fry Son’s work, marrying traditional workmanship with modern materials and techniques. The company has always set out to build homes in harmony with existing local architecture and, where possible, featuring local materials.

NVIDIA has been the forerunner in multi GPU rendering for a long time now. With years of maturity and performance tuning, their SLI technology has shown very strong scaling when chaining a pair of GPUs together to tackle the 3D graphics processing workload. We’ve seen quad SLI on mid range GPUs previously with NVIDIA’s GeForce 7950 GX2 but what about three GeForce 8800 Ultra cards strapped in under the hood? Green friendly, eco minded, tree huggers or those of you with weak constitutions for that matter look away.
This is a kid who is driving around in a $50,000 Hummer, a present from his mother, Gloria, who purchased the automobile with funds procured from a legitimate bank loan. A mom buying her son a car is not an offense in the eyes of the OHSAA, nor should it be. But when she gets a loan for more money than the average person makes annually, I think it is a safe bet she only got the loan because of who her son is..
As dependable as he surely was, Seidlinger did more than just show up. Down to his last game, he was dashing out from behind the plate at the ping of the bat to get into proper position to see the play and putting new balls into play by rifling them to the pitcher at hand stinging speed. By ear alone it’s hard to distinguish his “Out!” from “Strike!” or his “Foul!” from “Time!” all the calls are made with a similar roar, as if surgery sans anesthetic were being performed somewhere on his person.