O’REILLY: Now, excellent weather here in the northeast so I am going to take a few days resting up for the brutal campaign that’ll ramp up in September and October. I’m gonna be working around the clock on that. We will be on it with our special brand of analysis and no spin facts, no endorsements here.
A diamond ring, plus a basketball signed by Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, were both auctioned each for $1,500. Local IRS auction includes some items that have some people buzzing. Will definitely be here.
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (WWLP) In a surprise statement ahead of a Bill Belichick news conference, Patriots Owner Robert Kraft apologized to Patriots fans for accepting the NFL’s punishment in the “Deflategate” scandal back in May. Kraft’s statement came one day after the league upheld the four game suspension of Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady.

Our own men, and we didn talk about it, James said. We seen each other wearing the shirts, we looked at each other and just gave the nod. It goes from there.
On the spectrum of actor musicians, with Corey Feldman on one side and Tenacious D on the other, both Quaid and Sutherland land in the middle. The 63 year old Quaid, a onetime Austinite who lip synched Jerry Lee Lewis songs in Great Balls of Fire, boasts journeyman guitar and piano chops, and a novice but impassioned voice, in his rock roll outfit, in action since 2000. As demonstrated at the Continental Club in January, his best quality remains his endearingly happy and humble stage presence..
Thanks for a great in depth review of Portra. This makes me want to go out and grab a couple of rolls of the film and hook up my Minolta scanner again to see what I can accomplish with it. Agree with the statement about finding a good lab to process this they are few and far between, and most of the good ones require shipping out of state and waiting for the processed film to be shipped back.. ,